The Hairless Heart Herald
March 2005 by Dan Mayo
Massachusetts-based Eccentric Orbit have been getting rave reviews on many sites, and when I received a copy, I could see why. Influenced by Sci-Fi films and classic 70's bands such as King Crimson and ELP, E O have a strong in-your-face keyboard sound, lots of Hammond, Fender Rhodes, Moogs and soaking wet through with Mellotron.

The members are Mark Cella (drums and percussion) Bill Noland (bass) Madeleine Noland (wind controlled synths and keys) and Derek Roebuck (keys) and between them they make this forty six minute album work well.

There are no vocals on the album at all, just music and it is a very pleasant listen indeed. Star Power gets things underway, and you jump on the King Crimson train which stops at the Anekdoten station along the way. The theme continues in the next track Sputnik, but the Mellotron is upfront in the title track Attack Of The Martians. I can see some parts of this on a film soundtrack at some point, but on the whole, the album is very 70's sounding. It would be interesting to jump back in time just to see where it would have slotted into during that decade.

The film Forbidden Planet inspired the fourth track which has the same name and is the longest at a shade over fourteen minutes. Again well played, and the sounds of the instruments is a credit to the quartet. The Anekdoten style bass on the final track the Enemy Of My Enemy shines through, played with force and lots of reverb, and along with the Hammond and Mellotron sound, add a snip of Gentle Giant, that's what you get.

This is a very enjoyable album, and one I will be playing for many more times. There are some sound files on their website which are well worth a listen.

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