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Eccentric Orbit is a Massachusetts-based Progressive Rock band with drums, bass, keys, wind-synth, electric violin, guitar synth, and electric mandolin. Our original material is all instrumental with a heavy focus on '70s keyboard sounds. Influences include classic Prog bands like Emerson, Lake & Palmer and King Crimson, as well as the sounds of classic sci-fi films.

Latest News

March 2023 - More videos! Check out more great official band videos by Tom Benson and two BONUS videos for Gentle Giant covers that Tom, Bill and Madeleine all played on courtesy of Frank Long.

October 2018 - New review! See

February 2016 - Are YOU a PROG NERD??   Watch "Creation of the Prog Humanoids" to find out. If you laugh some, you are a Prog Nerd. If you laugh the whole time, you are a Prog Nerd of the highest order! But seriously, thanks to Tom Benson, we can now offer you a brand new way to waste 5 minutes of your life.

January 2016 - Still reveling in our ProgDay experience, the band took somewhat of a hiatus for the holidays, and is now back rehearsing regularly and working on new tunes. We're keeping our eye out for gigging opportunities and hope to have some shows for you in the near future.

September 2015 - ProgDay 2015 - Check out some photos and this cool video of one of our tunes, courtesy of Captain Phil. Check out Phil's radio show at WUSB.

September 2015 - ProgDay 2015 - Eccentric Orbit opened the 8-band, 2-day ProdDay slate in Chapel Hill, NC in 2015. We had a real blast playing and we want to thank all the the other bands, fans that turned out to support us all, and also the organizers of ProgDay for having us and for putting on a fabulous event.

June 6, 2015
 - Eccentric Orbit will invade Chapel Hill, NC! We are one of the first bands to be announced for this year's ProgDay Festival, held over Labor Day weekend. Check out the details and get your tickets to all the ProgDay music and festivities. Ut Gret was also announced this week. Stay tuned to the ProgDay website for more announcements as the show takes shape.

January 17, 2015 - Eccentric Orbit will perform live at the Regent Theater in Arlington, MA. It's a full day of Prog produced by NewEARSEO goes on at 7p. It's going to be a great show! Details and Tickets here

January 2015 - "Creation of the Humanoids" is #10 Album of 2015 on The Rickter Scale's top 15! 

January 2015 - "Creation of the Humanoids" is Album of the Month on NEWEars!

Creation of the Humanoids - 2014

Attack of the Martians - Back in Stock - 2014
**2014 EDITION has 10:12 BONUS TRACK **

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