Albums and Samples

Creation of the Humanoids
1: Breaking Osiris  7:04
2: Stellar Attraction  5:38
3: Creation of the Humanoids  19:38
    Part 1: Atomic War
    Part 2: Rise of the Robots
    Part 3: The Order of Flesh and Blood
    Part 4: In Rapport
    Part 5: Perfect Machines
4: Marilyn Monrobot  5:07
5: By Air Express to Venus  9:32

CD packaging: shrink-wrapped 3-panel digipak.

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We would especially like to thank Teruhisa Kitahara for allowing us to use the photos of "Zoomer" from his book "Robots, Spaceships and Other Tin Toys."

Attack of the Martians
1: Star Power  7:36
2: Sputnik  7:08
3: Attack of the Martians  10:41
    Part 1: Flying Saucers & Little Green Men
    Part 2: The Face on Mars
    Part 3: Martians Everywhere!
4: Forbidden Planet  14:09
    Part 1: The Arrival (Innocence Lost)
    Part 2: The Intruder
    Part 3: The Krel
    Part 4: The Tempest/The Departure
5: The Enemy of My Enemy 6:06
6: The Day the Earth Stood Still  10:12
    Part 1: I Come in Peace
    Part 2: Incognito
    Part 3: Klaatu Barada Nikto!
    Coda: The Question

CD packaging: shrink-wrapped jewel case.
Purchase both albums at

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