Band Members

Tom Benson - electric violin, synth mandolin, synth guitar
Tom is an eclectic violinist and guitar synth player who has explored a wide variety of styles in bands after playing in traditional chamber orchestras and quartets. A long time fan of both prog and vintage sci-fi, he is a natural fit with the EO ethos. As co-author of much of the band's new material, Tom blends elements of his classical, jazz/rock, and world music experiences with the established Eccentric Orbit sound. He first worked with Madeleine and Bill on the two Gentle Giant tribute albums: "Giant Tracks" and "Giant for a Life."


Rick Landwehr - drums
Drummer Rick Landwehr was a founding member of Ann Arbor, MI based progressive rock/pop band Ape 7. He currently plays with Tamandua, The Boston Jazz Trio, Colin & Stack Novelty Act, and Daniel Bennett Group. He is a faculty member at the National Guitar Workshop's Connecticut campus, and is the author of the book "Drummer's Guide to Odd Time Signatures." Rick has been busy these last few years, continuing his busy music schedule and also completing his Master's degree in music. 



Bill Noland - bass
Bill is the founding member and wrote the material for the first album. Bill has been playing and composing original Progressive Rock since the late 1970's. He appears on both Gentle Giant Tribute CDs, "Giant Tracks" and Mellow Record's "Giant for a Life," as the bass player on "In a Glass House" and "Just the Same."

Madeleine Noland - wind synth, keyboards
Madeleine is a classically trained saxophonist with a 4-year music degree. She now focuses exclusively on MIDI wind controller (Yamaha WX5). She designs all her own wind-synth sounds with a Korg MS2000R analog-modeling synth. With the addition of Tom into the band she is taking a more prominent role on keys including organ and mellotron and an Alesis Fusion 6HD. Madeleine played sax (alto and bari) on the Gentle Giant Tribute Albums "Giant Tracks" and Mellow Record's "Giant for a Life" on "In a Glass House" and "Just the Same," and has also played with the Boston Ballet Orchestra.


Mark Cella - drums - 1962-2010
It is with tremendous sadness that we are without our friend and band mate Mark Cella. Mark recorded the entire first album and approximately half of our upcoming album before succumbing an aggressive cancer of the brain in March 2010. Mark had been playing for many years and played on several albums including "The Gathering of the Krums" by Pye Fyte, "Between Cages" by A Triggering Myth, as well as a track on "Prog in the USA." Mark also helped with the business-side of Eccentric Orbit and owned M&M Music, a first-rate online Prog CD store. We miss him very much.

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