January 2005 by Denis_t
ECCENTRIC ORBIT is Bill and Madeleine Noland whom both previously performed on two tribute album of GENTLE GIANT, the track 'Just the Same' in 'Giant for a Life' on Mellow records and on 'Giant Tracks' the american GENTLE GIANT tribute album with the song 'In a Glass House'. Mark Cella previously performed with A TRIGGERING MYTH 'Between Cages' album in 1995 and with PYE FYTE in 1998, on 'The Gathering of the Krums' album. He also appeard in a track on the compilation 'Prog in the USA' as well as being the owner of Derek Roebuck play the second keyboards and seems to be at his first apparitions.

I'm not the first one to review this beautiful instrumental vintage album with a duo on the keyboards, well 'Attack of the Martians' is mostly called a vintage album because of the used of the old sounds of analog keyboards as the Rhodes, the Mellotron, the Wurtlizer, the Clavinet, the Winds instrument and the Hammond organ. The band himself talk about influence from 'EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER and KING CRIMSON, as well as the sounds of classic sci-fi films'. It's the same passages which look like to me to ELP...except one time in the last song, with a sound of a flying saucer. In 'Star Power', it's absolutely true that ANEKDOTEN and ELP was the most representative influences, samething for the song 'The Enemy of My Enemy', but we should talk also about the Canterbury rock, which appeard often on the soloing period, with the use of lot of RHODES and especially in the song 'Attack of the Martians', surely and primary with the work of Derek Roebuck who 'brings the fusion sensibility' as it is written in the ECCENTRIC website. The spacey 'Forbidden Planet', maybe near as a pure spacey canterbury offshoot in the second part and the third part; 'The Intruder' and 'The Krell', this song got an excellent moog, misty, haunted is that song on the first half.

So, finally, and to myself this is first a canterbury-rock album, with a lot of beautiful electric rhodes piano, with just enough of elements of Jazz in it, with the additions of harder moments which looks like to ANEKDOTEN, with big fuzzy bass lines and Mellotron passages and then with some passages ala ELP and/or sci-fi. Great beginning.

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