September 2014

Creation of the Humanoids (2014, digipack) is Eccentric Orbit’s second CD, and it’s significantly more powerful and accomplished. The current lineup has new member Tom Benson on violin, guitar synth, and MandoBot (an electric MIDI mandolin!); Rick Landwehr on drums; Bill Noland on bass; and Madeleine Noland on wind synth and keyboards. It’s again a retro-sounding album, it’s just that there may never have been a band that sounded exactly like this back in the 1970s, or ever. The band’s stock-in-trade Mellotron and other vintage keys still play a big role, but the sound is more aggressive, along the lines of 1970s King Crimson what with the violin and muscular bass, balanced by Eccentric Orbit’s more symphonic tendencies. Fans of Crimso-style instrumental prog will be very happy. 

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