The Rickter Scale
January 2015
After sampling #’s 16-100 of the Rickter Scale’s top 100 of 2014 the past two weeks (as voted on by a panel of one – me),
we will finally hear the top 15. I now have the entire list on my website. The link is shown above. The songs that will play
on this week’s show are shown after the countdown below. Onward to 2015!

15 Supernal Endgame Touch The Sky Volume II
14 The Healing Road Birdbrain's Travels
13 Heliopolis                 City Of The Sun
12 Logos                 L'Enigma Della Vita
11 Karmakanic         Live In The US
10 Eccentric Orbit         Creation Of The Humanoids
9 Opeth                 Pale Communion
8 Enchant                The Great Divide
7 Resistor                To The Stars
6 Salem Hill                The Unseen Cord
5 Falconer                Black Moon Rising
4 JPL                        MMXIV
3 Kotebel                Live At Prog-Resiste
2 Flor De Loto        Nuevo Mesias
1 IQ                        The Road Of Bones

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