May 2006

This American instrumental quartet (Low, Guitar, 2 keyboards) does undeniably to think about groups as ELP, Triumvirat, SBB. Attack Of The Martians, their first disc seems go out all right of the 70's.

Star Power, opens on a sound of near synthé of King Crimson (era In Court The Of The Crimson King) until the low one and the battery throw a rhythmic powerful one. The chorus can start up, announcing a strange and very pleasant theme.

Unfortunately, the continuation of the album reveals to be itself without surprised. In 7 minutes, the group all said, not authorizing itself never real personal gaps. Although Sputnik leaves to listen itself, one awaits the arrival of a big good guitar, of a tortured station wagon or of a singer that would put a little life in this title to the rhythmic interesting one.

The quality of the musicians and the placement some places station wagons not suffisent to make to forget emptiness caused by the absence of singer and the chorus played keyboards systematically end up to weary. Eccentric Orbit lacks force in its compositions and if one compares it has formations as SBB or Gerard (when they play in trio), report is without call... One is bored.

One wonders how a group can realize an album so shifted in 2004. To the listens Attack Of The Martians, it would seem that the excess of improvisations in repetitions destroyed all inspiration creator with our friends. This disc is reserved exclusively to the lovers of the keyboards 70's... Without surprised.

Fan d' ELP and of its clones, this Cd was born to seduce you. The compositions are likable, the irreproachable interpretation, the body is globally attracting... it lacks just an I do not know what... energy? madness? ... If I counsel, their talent there is for a lot.

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