April 2004 by M J Brady
Eccentric Orbit is a Massachusetts-based Progressive Rock band with drums, bass, keys, and wind-synth. Our original material is all instrumental and has a heavy focus on '70s keyboard sounds and our influences include classic Prog bands like Emerson, Lake & Palmer and King Crimson, as well as the sounds of classic sci-fi films.

ProGGnosis Comments & Reviews:
This all-instrumental band is definitly a throwback to the sounds and style of the earlier works of the progressive rock giants Emerson Lake and Palmer. Keyboards are the main focus, as two members - Madeleine Noland / Derek Roebuck are peforming on many vintage key sounds, set over the rock styled bass playing of Bill Noland, who has a strong presence much the way Chris Squire does on his Rickenbacker, and also of note is the expressive drumming of Mark Cella, who also has borrowed in style from the greats of progs past.

The band plays energetic music that would remind progressive fans of some of the music heard on Tarkus, there are no guitars, and the effect of utilizing the old sounds of prog, really gives the music a throwback feel. As many progbands have paid homage to the good ole days of prog, many have adapted the old with the new, and really have taken full advantage of modern day instrumentation, recording standards and most notably the vast array of keyboard advancements available today. While the production standard is good on this cd, the way the band has presented themselves almost gives the illusion of a lost archival release from prog's storied past.

Apparently these musicians not only studied their musicial skills enough to be competent musicians, they also made an earnest effort to study the most relished tones and sounds of what most folks would identify from the great progressive rock albums of the past. Mellotrons, Moogs, organs, Ric's, pianos, etc. Are all ever present from the beginning of this cd to the very end, which is comprised of five lengthy songs. This is a fun listen that almost leads you back into the world of bongs, flashbacks and blacklight posters.

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