NEWEars - Creation of the Humanoids named Album of the Month, January 2015

This second Eccentric Orbit release is an addictive, energetic (and often deliciously noisy!) work full of infectious instrumental displays with memorable arrangements, but most of all, there's a great sense of fun as well. "Creation of the Humanoids" makes a very strong case for not only one of the best instrumental albums, but simply one of the best overall progressive releases of 2014. 

Essential Tracks: The centrepiece of the album is the almost twenty minute, five part epic title track, with plenty of drama and flair emerging throughout. An approaching army of tension begins the piece, distorted mud-thick bass plodding over imperial synth fanfares and marching drums. Electronics flicker to life leading to zippy keyboard wig-outs, moving through mud-thick spastic bass eruptions, searing jazz/fusion violin runs, and even brief sweeping folk breaks and ambient pauses to catch your breath. So many jagged violent outbursts and even some nice dirty slinking grooves, this exhausting piece shows Eccentric Orbit at their very best.  

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