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August 2005; Kevin Rowland
This band were always going to sound a bit different to the rest, given that all of the music has been written by bassist Bill Noland (a man who could give Chris Squire a lesson in what a deep and heavy bass can really sound like), and the line-up is a little unusual in that not only do they have a keyboard player but are also joined by someone playing wind-controlled synths through a Midi. Add a drummer to the mix and that is the band, playing music that is going to definitely strike a chord with anyone into ELP and Gentle Giant. That the chord is often played on Hammond organs or moogs is only going to endear them further.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album as it starts with slowly played held-down keyboards but I needn’t have worried as after a minute and a half of "Star Power" the drums and bass come in and at two minutes Bill takes the music by the scruff and kicks in with a dirty bass which then allows the keyboards to come in over the top. It works incredibly well, and this wasn’t the only time that I was surprised with this album as there are loads of things going on and there is a definite space theme to the song titles, which carries through to the music. Unusually for an independent release this is a digipak (I love the simple cover), and is definitely worth investigating.

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