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Frank Long

August 2014

Eccentric Orbit has MUTATED! But that’s a good thing! Since the release of their first album, “Attack of the Martians” in 2004, a new member has joined this Massachusetts-based progressive rock band. His name is Tom Benson with his violin, guitar synth and MandoBot (a Fender 5-string electric mandolin with an internal synth pickup). Mr. Benson’s playing has kicked this band from its eccentric orbit into another galaxy. And now they have released their second offering, “Creation of the Humanoids”

Of course, Bill Noland and his wife Madeleine are still onboard. As always, Bill’s (sometimes growly) bass is solid and driving.  Madeleine might be referred to as “The Color Lady” with her background keyboards and other-worldly wind synth solos which provide much of the out-of-this-world flavor.

Mark Cella and Rick Landwehr share the drumming duties. These guys are the Ringos of progressive rock. Much like Ringo, they lay down great grooves that make the sometimes odd time signatures move along effortlessly.

The composing is shared by both Mr. Noland and Mr. Benson. I love science fiction and progressive rock and these tunes are a combination of both. But, unlike a lot of sci-fi prog, these are not silly tunes. While sometimes light-hearted, Eccentric Orbit takes the themes seriously. These are not like the cheesy 1950’s sci-fi B movies, they have substance and truly evoke the “what if’ ideas of science fiction.

“Creation of the Humanoids” is a great companion to “Attack or the Martians” and like their first album, it is filled with an array of tunes ranging from spacey, “Breaking Osiris” and “Stellar Attraction” to fun, “Mariln Monrobot” (love the title) to sonic impressions “By Air Express to Venus” (a travelogue inspired by the 1929 novel by Roy Rockwood) to the almost 20 minute centerpiece of the album, “Creation of the Humanoids” (an homage to the 1962 cult classic sci-fi film).

I only have two more words to add, “GET IT!” 

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