Drive Magazine Review (rough translation, originally in Italian)
September 2004
It does to say of a disk that it plays precisely like if it was gone out in 1972? Nothing of weird, the rock always had an eye of care towards the actual past (... and I would be lacking us also!), certainty, to the day of today to name bands like Emerson, Lake & Palmer even if comes looked at with suspect (to wrong? To reason? It decide you!), however dovreste to experience to dedicate a minimum of caution towards the Eccentric Orbit, new American group of expert guided musicians from the bassista and composer Bill Noland. The greater aspiration of the Eccentric Orbit, like the titles of the cd advise us and the nice Martian toy in covered, is that of omaggiare the cinema of science fiction and to recreate the same atmospheres of the old classics of the cinema ski/fi. The musical language is that of the epic rock, symphonic and psychedelic of the seventies, the pieces are entirely instrumental, just to give back much more the idea of hypothetical "resonant column", the excellent quality of record and the individual capacity of the undeniable musicians. The sources of inspiration of the Eccentric Orbit are eminent names like EL&P, in good part of the arrangiamenti, in the utilization of the organ and of the synth; King Crimson, for certain scores of mellotron and for the twisted sound of the low one, and also the Hawkwind in the most celestial moments and visionaries, specially in Forbidden Planet, the masterpiece of the disk, a suite of fourteen minutes inspired. Likely the Eccentric Orbit did not still show all their potential, to strokes the music proceeds in manner a little mechanic, for now leave us a very nice debut, facendoci to imagine what very interesting for the future... we will be to see!

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